Now Available At Select Store Locations

February 27, 2017

We Have Arrived!

PuriLens Plus Preservative-Free Saline is now in select Bed Bath & Beyond, Christmas Tree Shoppes, and Harmon Health Discount stores across the country. Click Here for a list to find a store near you. Yes, PuriLens is your perfect replacement to the now discontinued Unisol 4 sold by Alcon, and Simply Saline sold by Arm & Hammer. PuriLens solution is a sterile non-preserved solution you may use for the rinsing and storage of your contact lenses that is identical to Unisol 4. PuriLens Plus is now the only non-preserved saline of its size on the market. Please check back with us!
We plan to add more retail locations to the already growing list. Also like and follow our Facebook and Twitter feeds to keep current on the latest news and announcements too!