PuriLens Uses

Expanded indications for PuriLens!
FDA approved for use as an insertion solution for scleral lenses!


PuriLens Plus Preservative-Free Saline is indicated for use following proper lens disinfection as recommended by the eye care practitioner. PuriLens is for rinsing soft (hydrophilic), rigid gas permeable, and hard contact lenses prior to lens insertion. This solution may also be used as an insertion solution for large diameter (scleral) contact lenses, as a rinse for contact lens cases, and may be used as needed throughout the day to rinse contact lenses.

Inside the bottle cap is a molded insert that will pierce the container.

To open the bottle, first remove the cap and discard the white plastic restraining ring. PLEASE NOTE: The purpose of the restraining ring is strictly to avoid the bottle accidently being punctured and opened during transit. The white plastic restraining ring WILL NOT be attached to the cap or bottle. This is normal and does not indicate tampering. Avoid touching the tip of the bottle. Replace the cap then press down and turn the cap clockwise to pierce the container.

Re-close the bottle after each use. Always wash and rinse your hands before you handle your lenses. Discard any remaining solution 14 days after opening. 

PuriLens Plus saline solution is a safe FDA approved preservative-free, pH-balanced, sterile, aqueous isotonic solution of sodium chloride, buffered with boric acid and sodium borate. It DOES NOT contain chlorhexidine, thimerosal, or other mercury-containing compounds.  Safe to apply to contact lenses before insertion PuriLens Plus Preservative-Free Saline does NOT contain disinfecting agents and should NOT be used as a contact lens disinfection solution.


Rinsing with PuriLens Plus Preservative- Free Saline removes loosened debris from the lens surface prior to cleaning and disinfecting.


Rinse and clean your contact lenses each time you remove them.

Rinse your lens thoroughly with PuriLens Plus Preservative-Free Saline by holding the lens between the forefinger and thumb of one hand and directing a steady stream of the saline onto the lens for ten (10) seconds.

Always rinse the same lens first, right or left, to avoid mix-ups, and put that lens into the correct chamber of a storage case.

Repeat the procedure for the second lens.