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    Great for allergies... 
    From Joan Vera, December 19, 2016

    As someone with a ton of allergies...
    I have been safely using this for 3-4 months now and am really happy to have found a safe replacement.

    Before and after...
    From Tish Roller, November 16, 2016

    Before PuriLens we were only able to use a pair of lenses 4-5weeks.
    With PuriLens we are getting 3+ months!

    I love this product for scleral lenses
    From  of Pierson, Florida on 6/5/2016.

    I am new to scleral lenses and have had them almost 2 months. I was using the Addipak saline to rinse and insertion but upon insertion, I would feel a tiny bit of a sting. After speaking with Rebecca, she advised that I try using Purilens instead. NO STING upon inserting the lenses!!! What a plus. And I don't know if the Purilens has anything really to do with this, but I found that the lenses don't get cloudy and dirty as often while in my eyes. That is a huge plus for me as I hate taking these lenses out & reinserting them. probably because it's still new to me and they are huge.
    I wil still use the Addipak as they are extremely convenient and I have made several packages with insertion and removal plungers and the Addipaks that I keep at work, purse & in my vehicle. 

    Honestly, I was hoping this wouldn't work for me as I think it's more expensive for me, especially since the manufacturer says the bottles are only really good for 15 days.

    Living the dream!!!!! 
    From  on 6/12/2016

    Wow! Living the dream!!!! Simply Saline recently discontinued their saline solution in an aresole can. I tried every brand on the market trying to find a replacement solution. Nothing worked! I was ready to just switch to glasses. As a last resort I tried this brand. It saved me!!! I finally found something my eyes can tolerate. Thank you! Please never discontinue this product because it's the only quality saline solution available. It's awesome!!!!

    Excellent replacement for Unisol 4 unpreserved saline solution.. 
    From  on 3/1/2016

    I am so happy that the Lifestyle Company, when seeing that after so many years Unisol4 was being discontinued, jumped in and began selling this product. I do not know what would have happened to me, as far as wearing contacts, if there was not another available unpreserved saline solution on the market. I just started using it in 2016. I sometimes even after rinsing the soft lenses of the Bio True solution night before, have to put a drop in my eye to moisten them a bit. After 15 days, must discard the bottle if not used. I like that the bottles are more narrow than the Unisol4 was. They fit better in the hand bags. I truly hope this new solution remains on Amazon for the rest of my contact lens wearing days. I truly thank God for this company.

    Great replacement for Unisol 4. 
    From  on 12/4/2015

    Great replacement for the Unisol 4 product that is being discontinued and much cheaper that the little saline application tubes. The bottle is a big improvement over the Unisol 4 bottle. I always hated the Unisol 4 tip design that would split and the solution would spray every which way. The PuriLens tip is flat and the cap once tightened puts a hole dead center. Sorry I didn't discover this product sooner. I was using the Unisol 4 for scleral lenses and panicked when I found out it was no longer going to be available.

    Perfect substitution for Unisol 4 which is being discontinued.  
    From , on November 23, 2015

    Perfect substitution for Unisol 4 which is being discontinued. PuriLens is even better for filling scleral lenses because it drips rather than squirts and doesn't make bubbles in the lenses. It does not irritate my eyes at all. I use PuriLens to fill my scleral lenses and rinse them. More if it dispenses than Unisol, so I probably use more of it, but it rinses easier. I am delighted to have discovered PuriLens. This is now my saline solution of choice for my scleral lenses

    Helps With My Dry Eyes.
    From , on May 25, 2015

    I really love this contact lens solution. I recently had a change to my contacts I had to start wearing bifocal lens. For years I have worn lens with more moisture in them because my eyes dry out easily, also I would use contact solution that added moisture to help with my dry eyes. Since I had to change my lens I was having problems with very dry eyes and my lens would dry out too. My doctor recommended PuriLens initially because I don't like putting chemicals in my body or eyes and it has really helped with keeping my eyes moist. I am very happy with this product and would recommend this to anyone especially those who have dry eye problems and who want less chemicals added to their bodies.