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What is PuriLens Plus Saline and why have I never heard of it? And why is it so hard to get?

PuriLens Plus Saline is buffered saline (just like Unisol 4). PuriLens Plus Saline was not originally sold in retail stores, so it was not generally well known until after Unisol 4 was discontinued, and when demand increased again after Simply Saline products were also discontinued. PuriLens Plus Saline is now the only buffered saline of it’s kind on the U.S. market. If you would like to purchase Purilens, you may find us online at www.purilens.com, www.amazon.com, and www.walmart.com.

What size bottle does PuriLens Plus come in? Is it TSA compliant?

Purilens Plus saline comes in 4 oz bottles, and is TSA compliant. We also have 2 oz bottles specifically developed for domestic as well as international travel.

Where is Purilens made? How long has it been around?
PuriLens is made by the LifeStyle Company Inc. / PuriLens. We are a New Jersey based company that has been in the contact lens/saline business for more than 15 years. It is formulated for us at an FDA-approved manufacturing facility in Germany specializing in aseptic filling of liquids using blow-fill-seal technology. FDA standards for preservative-free sterile saline packaging are extremely high.
I have extremely sensitive eyes. What are the ingredients in PuriLens?
Purified water, sodium chloride (salt), boric acid, and sodium borate (used as buffers to balance the pH for comfortable use in the eye). These are the exact same ingredients that were in the now discontinued Unisol 4 and Simply Saline Contact lens solutions.
What are buffers for? Why would I want buffered vs unbuffered saline?
Buffers are there to balance the pH and reduce irritation. Buffers mimic the natural system of the tear film which regulates variations in pH. Your tears contain various compounds including a bicarbonate buffer system to compensate for variations in pH over the course of the day. There are many reasons for variation in pH, such as fatigue, the act of shutting your eyes, or wearing contact lenses. Some brands of saline (water with sodium chloride, the chemical name for salt) without buffers (e.g. LacriPure, Addipaks, Modudose, or anything that says sodium chloride 0.9% for respiratory therapy) do not contain any compensating factors. While some people do not distinguish between buffered or unbuffered saline, people with sensitive or dry eyes may experience a significant difference.
How do I open the PuriLens Plus bottle?

Inside the bottle cap is a molded insert that will pierce the container. To open the bottle, first remove the cap and discard the white plastic restraining ring. (This ring is only there to keep the bottle from being punctured during transit and will not be attached to the bottle itself) Avoid touching the tip of the bottle.

Replace the cap then press down and turn the cap clockwise to pierce the container. We suggest not screwing the top in too tightly or you may end up with a larger hole than you want. Re-close the bottle after use. Always wash and rinse your hands before you handle your lenses.

Discard any remaining solution 14 days after opening.

Unisol 4 was good for 30 days. Why is PuriLens Plus Saline only good for 14 days? Can I keep it open longer if I refrigerate it?
From the moment you open a sterile preservative-free bottle, there is a risk of contamination. The FDA requires a time limit to be printed on the bottles of preservative-free saline, but the manufacturer gets to decide what specific limit they choose to put on it. PuriLens elects a conservative 14 days because the doctors we are supplying prefer a shorter limit than 30 days. Refrigeration will not increase the length of time the solution can be used.
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