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  • Would you want PuriLens at your convenient store? If so, read below.

    If you frequently visit your store to purchase personal care products and PuriLens is not there, let them know you want it! Purilens Plus Preservative Free Saline is a perfect and/or identical replacement for the now discontinued Unisol 4 sold by Alcon, and Simply Saline sold by Arm & Hammer. Purilens solution is a sterile non-preserved solution you use for the rinsing and storage of your contact lenses that is identical to Unisol 4. 

    Purilens Plus is now the only non-preserved saline of its size on the market, let them know you want it in yours. Below is a downloadable PDF retail request form letter. Simply download, print, fill it out and drop it off at your local store.
    It's that easy and a continued thanks for your dedication.

    ~PuriLens Plus Saline

    PDF - Purilens Store Manager Request Form
    - PDF Download >>

    PDF - Contact Us:
    - Customer Service, (800) 622-0777

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